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Sunday 13 November – 10.30am


Limited to 16 people – you must be registered to attend.
Intensity? Easy
Family Friendly? No
Dog Friendly? No


A leisurely stroll through Martinborough’s early settlements, highlighting the people and developments that shaped this small but lively town.

Martinborough’s distinctive Centennial Square – laid out as a Union Jack – represents much of the town’s early colonial settlement. Strolling at leisurely pace, we will tell the town’s tales while highlighting some of the early buildings that shaped the original town, and some of the personalities behind them. For example, the distinctive, iconic Centennial Square in the centre of the town.  We will include the earliest church and post office, plus a range of retail and commercial establishments as the town started to grow.  Supporting the small village’s commercial growth is a wide range of community facilities, epitomising the vision and energy of early settlers, many of whose descendants are still active in the local community today.

Martinborough Museum, The Square

1 – 1.5 hours

Coordinating Club:
Martinborough Museum

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