Another day dawns in Pantoland. Meanwhile, there is some serious sneakiness going on in the kingdom. The nasty witch, Hidiosa McSchnagglebottom, has turned Prince Pelonius into a hideous beast!

The spell will only be broken if he can find someone who will love him for who he is and not how he looks. To make matters worse, Beauty’s father, Harry the wealthy merchant has just been told that all of his ships have been sunk and all of his riches lost! The humanity! Meanwhile in his castle deep in the forest, the Beast is watched over by his wacky butler Hobson, who is determined to help Prince Pelonius find love and become a prince again. This classic story has been given a pantomime makeover in true Pantoloon style.
Will the Beast find love and return to his true form?
Or will the wicked Hidiosa have her evil way and keep him as a Beast forever?

Find out at Beauty and the Beast this school holidays!

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