A daughter sits in an empty bedroom desperately molding a friend out of bed sheets. 

A father sits on the floor of his home, holding his baby girl, whispering “everything will be fine”. 

Dust collects on a wall of photographs mapping out a life that was, but never became.  

Seeking connection and meaningful communication, a whole new world explodes from the daughter’s hands, where lines of the imagined and the real start to blur. 

The collision of two worlds, two languages, and the pursuit of meeting in the space between.  

A story about love, loss and language, told with physical storytelling, live music, New Zealand Sign Language, and spoken English. This piece is performed by a Deaf and hearing cast and designed to be accessible for d/Deaf and hearing audiences. 

‘The most innovative and collaborative use of NZSL anywhere in the New Zealand arts sector’. Richard Benge, MNZM, Arts Access Aotearoa.

‘A breathtaking performance’ (Deaf audience member).

‘Such a powerful message’ (Deaf audience member). 

We are so lucky to have Equal Voices choose to add us to the end of their season at Circa Theatre in Wellington.  Tickets are just $25 per person + booking fees.

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