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Sunset CinemaSunset Cinema

Screening dates for 2017:  Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5, June 9, July 7, Aug 4, Sep 1, Oct 6, Nov 3 and Dec 1

Sunset Cinema is back with a new year of astonishing international and local films, kicking off with our opening night party on Friday 3rd February!

Come along and be welcomed in by the glam-rock stylings of band “In for a Penny” and the delights of Paulownia wine, Regent 58 beer, home-crafted brew by Tony Faulkner, and Forecast Cider from Mela Juice, all complemented by home-made focaccia, pizza and other delicacies. Smiling people will gather to drink, eat, gossip and be merry in kicking off a new year of cinematic delights!

For 2017, all movies are moving to Friday evenings. Doors now open at 7pm and movies begin at 7.30pm. Depending on length, most nights we will show a short film before the feature. 

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Carterton Community Emergency Preparedness planning.

Sunday 26th February 2017 2.00pm-4.00pm.


In a disaster Carterton could be isolated, but you are not on your own. Help develop our community response plan, by conncecting with others, sharing ideas and building resilience throughout our community. 

RSVP to infocentre┬ęcdc.govt.nz

Bubbles and Inspiration 

Tuesday 7th March  2017  Doors Open from 6.15pm

Bubbles and Inspiration

Featuring guest speaker Wine Friend co founder Yvonne Lorkin. This truly fabulous event for local Wairarapa women will be in high demand.

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Operatunity - That's Amore 

Friday 10th March  2017 Show starting from 11am 


We are transported to Italy through famous songs and ballads as the 3 Tenors encapsulate the essence and excitement of this intrinsically musically rich country.

Show starts at 11am and inlcludes lunch 

Tickets on sale now 

Grumpy Old Women - Game of Crones 

Saturday 25 March  8.00pm-10.00pm 

Game of Crones

Yes they're back! This time with magic!

Grumpy Old Women bring their Game of Crones to answer the unanswerable.How to fix absolutely everything!!
They conquered NZ with Grumpy Old Women,took Australia and the Universe by storm with "50 Shades of Beige" and now they're in another World.Yes!
Grumpy Old Women - Game of Crones is coming and it offers practical remedies for the atrocities of modern life.
Advice for administering safe torture to prevent snoring using bbq tools.Demonstrations of how to clean the bath whilst having mediocre sex at the same time.How to overeat on a diet.What to do when the man in your life kisses your miniture Schnauzer more than you.In Game of Crones,
the young are discussed and then dismissed.Men are lovingly disembowled.Old fashioned housekeeping practises resurrected;is it too late to learn to sniff meat to determine if its past its use by date?
Grumpy Old Women will stop for nothing on their mission to slay the dragons of nonsense and reclaim the kingdom of common sense ...well maybe a glass of wine and a lie down.
The show has plenty of laughs,poorly supported breasts and unreliable statistics, so for a night of unbridled fun bring your swords and handbags and learn from the sorceresses themselves, how to survive the modern kingdom of Aoteoroa.

Geraldine Brophy directs and stars with Linda Milligan and Julie Edwards in this hilarious piece of fantasy thankfully without nudity or real blood.

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Farming for the Future Seminar

Tuesday 4th April  9.00am-5.00pm 

Farming future

Sustainable agriculture and economic gains can occur at the same time. This year's amazing panel of farmers and rural industry specialists share how they make it happen.

The Farming for the Future Seminar is in its fourth successful year. Our focus in 2017 is to help farmers find new ideas and inspiration to be more sustainable. Farming is all about change - changing weather, changing markets, changing environmental pressures - and farmers are constantly learning and refining their businesses to accommodate those changes. Join farmers, farm advisors, industry specialists, environmental advisors and agribusiness consultants to learn how to make both environmental sustainability and production profitability work for you.

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Sue Nicholson - Answers from the Other Side

Wednesday 26 April  7.00 - 9.30pm 

Sue Nicholson

The Star of the new Sensing Murder Series Sue Nicholson presents her Sensational live show Answers from the Other Side.

Sue's abilities have been seen on TVNZ's 'Sensing Murder', the 'Good Morning' show and 20/20. Her incredible gift helps to create a communication link between those who have passed over to the spirit world and the living. Through this interaction, she is able to deliver messages to loved ones and help them reach a sense of peace.

Prepare to be amazed and enlightened as Sue connects with both spirit and the audience in her uniquely compassionate and uplifting style.

Restricted age group R13 to R18 accompanied by an adult.

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Four Flat Whites - in Italy

Friday 19 May  8.00pm-10.00pm 

Four flat whites

It’s 2007 and guide book in hand, retired librarians Alison and Adrian, are excitedly embarking on their long-awaited (and carefully saved-for) Italian trip of a life-time. But when their best friends pull out at the last minute, they find themselves sharing their precious holiday with their neighbours – Harry, a wealthy plumber and his new wife Judy.

As these delightfully mismatched couples valiantly negotiate the pit-falls of a later-in-life OE it’s not just the Italians the intrepid travellers have to deal with – it’s also each other!

Adrian and Alison have a dark secret that is causing them some strife and Harry, who loves his rugby, has a dream. But there are surprises in store!

Will the trials and tribulations of their cherished Italian sojourn prove a ‘make or break’ for our Kiwi quartet? Will the holiday be heaven or hell, or both?

Tickets on sale NOW in time for Christmas! 

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